dynge op

dynge op

Danish-English dictionary. 2013.

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  • dynge — I dyn|ge 1. dyn|ge sb., n, r, rne; en dynge aviser II dyn|ge 2. dyn|ge vb., r, de, t; dynge til med jord; dynge sig op …   Dansk ordbog

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  • Dung — (d[u^]ng), n. [AS. dung; akin to G. dung, d[ u]nger, OHG. tunga, Sw. dynga; cf. Icel. dyngja heap, Dan. dynge, MHG. tunc underground dwelling place, orig., covered with dung. Cf. {Dingy}.] The excrement of an animal. Bacon. [1913 Webster] …   The Collaborative International Dictionary of English

  • Midden — Kitchen midden at Elizabeth Island, Strait of Magellan as excavated by the Albatross party with the Albatross at anchor …   Wikipedia

  • dung — (n.) O.E. dung manure, fertilizer, common Germanic (Cf. O.Fris., O.S. dung manure; O.H.G. tunga manuring, tung underground room covered with manure; Ger. Dung; O.N. dyngja heap of manure, women s apartment; Swed. dynga dung, muck; Dan. dynge heap …   Etymology dictionary

  • midden — (n.) mid 14c., dung hill, of Scandinavian origin; Cf. Dan. mèdding, from mèg muck (see MUCK (Cf. muck) (n.)) + dynge heap of dung (see DUNG (Cf. dung)). Modern archaeological sense of kitchen midden is from Danish excavations …   Etymology dictionary

  • dingy — [ dɪn(d)ʒi] adjective (dingier, dingiest) gloomy and drab. Derivatives dingily adverb dinginess noun Origin C18: perh. based on OE dynge dung …   English new terms dictionary

  • bunke — I bun|ke 1. bun|ke sb., n, r, rne (dynge, stor mængde; en plante) II bun|ke 2. bun|ke vb., r, de, t (danne bunke); bunke sammen …   Dansk ordbog

  • hob — sb., en, e, ene (dynge, bunke; skare); alle til hobe (allesammen) …   Dansk ordbog

  • dhengh-1 —     dhengh 1     English meaning: to press; to cover     Deutsche Übersetzung: “drũcken, krũmmeln, bedecken, worauf liegen”     Material: O.Ir. dingid, for ding “ oppressed” (see also dheiĝh ); compare Pedersen KG. II 506; Lith. dengiù,… …   Proto-Indo-European etymological dictionary

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